Friday, September 21, 2012

4 Year Anniversary

This happened back in June 20, but here it is now!

I was taking master's classes at Southern, so Matthew came down and said he would take me somewhere after school.

First we went to P.F.Changs

Vegetarian lettuce wraps...mmmm

Amazing dessert

Then he surprised me by taking me downtown Chattanooga to stay at the Stone Fort Inn, a bed & breakfast built back when.  The room we were put in was decorated with dog stuff.  It was great.

We wandered around the inn enjoying the decorations and just being together.  The summer was a long time to be apart so much.

After parking our car we took a few pictures.

 A kind stranger took this for us.

 There were a LOT of mirrors in the place, so I decided it would be fun to take a picture of us in every mirror that we could find.
 Mirror 1

 Two knights

Where we had our breakfast before Matthew drove me back to class.

 Mirror 2

 Mirror 3
 Mirror 4
 Mirror 5 (in our bedroom:sleeping)
 Mirror 6 (in our bathroom: brushing teeth)
 Mirror 7 (in the hallway.  The bowl is where they put cookies for the guests. We are holding our hand out for cookies)

 Mirror 8
 Mirror 9
 Mirror 10 There was an open room, where we didn't think anyone was staying, so we jumped in to take an extra mirror picture.

 Mirror 11
 Mirror 12 (by the teacups)

 Mens' bathroom
 Mirror 13
 Mirror 14
 Anyo to Greek (Anyo=no in Korean)
 Matthew jammin' out

Mirror 15

 Our free cookies
 Matthew doing a flamenco dance with cymbols...or cookies

 More Chattanooga scenery.

Mirror 16- this is on our way out the next morning.  Matthew is holding part of an amazing scone!

This was a very special and relaxing anniversary.  I have a very special husband who plans fun things and will be silly and take mirror pictures with me.