Monday, June 30, 2008



We have been traveling again and getting unpacked once more. We have traveled from Tortola, BVI back to St. Thomas, USVI for our last week. We will post tomorrow or the day after (depending on our exhaustion!) with events from the previous week and hopefully the start of this week. Tomorrow we go to visit St. John =)

Here is a link to some more pictures. Notes to come soon:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kerensa- Our Villa

This is our villa. Let me take you on a brief tour that will by no means do the place any justice.

This is the stairway going down to Kerensa.

If you turn to your right you will see a set of steps leading up to the hot tub.

This is the view from the hot tub. It more-or-less overlooks Sharks Bay

If you turn to your left when coming down the entry stairs you will see this:

Across from that sitting area there is the pool.

Sometimes we relax at the pool....

And other times we have a blast jumping in and swimming around!

To the left of the house you see in the picture above is this little table and hammock.

Entering the building through the doors by the table and hammock is the kitchen/tv room area.

This is me from the outside of the kitchen area doing dishes.

Going from the kitchen towards the hot tub direction there is an open space for the dining room.

If you go through the next door, you will go into the bedroom and bathroom.
This is the little sitting room as you enter the bedroom to your left.

View of the sitting room and bedroom.

This is our bedroom porch and view.

We will take better pictures of the bedroom, but I (Beth-Anne) have been eaten by misquitos and so we keep the bedroom area closed up so as to keep the nasty bugs away as much as possible when I'm sleeping or trying to do devotions.

If you enter the door to the bedroom and go more to the right you will go to the bathroom.
The sink area...
The very cool shower!

And the view from the shower.

One night we had a storm and this little guy came and visited us then and has been back several times since then. He's cute alright, but he made my razor drop over the edge and I wasn't too happy with him at that point. But you have to admit, he's kinda of charming. Wonder if I kissed him if he'd become a prince?

The place is amazing and breathtaking. We are spoiled forever with real life. Matthew has some amazing pictures showing views and all that so I'll let him post with those later. I just wanted you to see where we were staying and enjoying life this past week! More posts later on other adventures we have done this week! God has blessed us with the beauty of His creations each and every day.

First Full Day in Tortola, BVI

Our final destination was Tortola, BVI. We got there and basically set up house and slept. Travel is exhausting, especially since we got up at 2am that morning.

Monday morning Jessica (the lady who owns the place we are staying at) took us into town to get our car rental. This was one of those big changes for us, more so for Matthew--we rented our own car! A very much needed four-wheel drive Land Rover.

From there we wanted to go around the island a bit, so we drove to the east side of the island and took a detour to Josiah's Bay. It was our first bay we would visit on the island and we were both very excited!

Later on that evening we decided to go and visit one of the bays that our villa overlooks. This is Brewer's Bay. While we were there we found a broken sea-fan and took this picture. It's one of our favorites!

Matthew's flicker account has more pictures and we'll update with blog and some of those later.
Here's a link:

Friday, June 27, 2008

One Week


Today it is one week since Matthew and I have been married. He has planned a fabulous honeymoon and there are pictures to show you. =)

The Cottage

Our first two days were spent at the Agape Cottage somewhere in PA. The lady who owns the place, Freida, was so nice! We visited her on Saturday and she offered to let us play tennis at her place and wanted to make sure that we had everything we needed. When we arrived at the cottage she had left us two gifts: a book called Love and Respect (obviously about guy/girl relationships) and a bottle of sparkleing grape juice.

The food that Brianna packed us (and maybe others helped?) was such a blessing! Countless times on our trip we would be sending blessings upon her for packing it and everyone who helped make it! The food was so good, we snacked on it a lot, and there was always more to eat!


We left early Sunday morning to catch our flight to the Caribbean! Kristin's dad and family were nice enough to let us keep our car at their house and drop us off at the airport. We were so grateful! All I was allowed to know was that we were headed to the Caribbean. Once at the airport I was told that our first connection was St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands (via San Juan, Puerto Rico) but that we weren't staying there.

It was different to fly just the two of us. Being married changes a lot of things, and one of them is that all of a sudden you are an "adult" and are making your own decisions and going places.

Again the food from the wedding reception came in handy. Matthew and I packed all the food we could fit in the green lunch box (we left the purple on in the car) and ate it on the plane. Apparently even snacks are now to be paid for. Boo to high gas prices!

Will post more later about our second destination!

Beth-Anne White