Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tickets to Korea!

We officially have our itinerary.

August 20th we fly to Detroit. From Detroit to Tokyo. From Tokyo to Incheon, Korea. We arrive the 21st of August at 9:30pm.

I have 21 days left in the United States of America.

Now that's scary...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Saturday & Sunday at Sapphire Beach

Saturday mid-day we went and walked around the dock area near the resort. There was a good number of small fish and what Matthew thought was a Tarpon.

Once again I relaxed on the beach and Matthew snorkeled.

This is one of the new schools of fish he saw when he was out.

Sunday we packed up to go to the airport but decided that one more snorkeling trip was in store! And it was definately worth it!

I (Beth-Anne) spotted this guy in the reef and Matthew got this great close up of him =)

This is the other type of Jellyfish I saw. They are hard to focus on because they are clear.

More Christmas-tree-worm-thingies.

We saw this little guy right before we got out of the water. He is in the sand and I assume a type of sand eel? It was great to see a few new things on our last day out!

And this is the newly wed- Mr. and Mrs. D. Matthew White as we say goodbye from our fabulous honeymoon.

We are now safely back in the States (a special thanks to Mr. Thomas!) and will be seeing more family and friends soon.

The next adventure....Korea!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Friday- Fourth of July!

Friday was the day we got up really early to see the sunrise. We wanted to at Sapphire Beach because we’re more on the east end than we were at Kerensa. Our alarm went off at 5:15am and we pulled ourselves out of bed. But it was worth it. There is something more rewarding about seeing a sunrise. It’s something you have to work for. A sunset you can stumble upon, but a sunrise you have to really WANT to see.

After taking some pictures down by the beach we went back to our balcony to take a few more. As we stood there Matthew mentioned a song that had been going through his mind. After he mentioned his song to me I went and got my pocket hymnal (that he’d gotten me) and opened to “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty” because it began running through my head as we saw the beauty of the sunrise. We sang that hymn and a couple more. I will treasure this memory because it was so peaceful and perfect.

The clouds that morning seemed to keep rising higher and higher as the sun did, as if to veil the glory of the sun. For some reason that reminded me of Jesus' second coming - as if we aren’t ready to see His glory and the angels keep hiding us from it until the right moment. The sun finally broke through the clouds as Matthew and I were singing.
After singing we brought out our Bibles to the deck and started having our devotions. Then, after a good while, Matthew made us some breakfast which we ate outside. When this was all over it was only about 8am. It was great to have started the day in this way.

We wanted to go snorkeling before heading into town for our lunch so out we went. When I first stepped into the water these fish swarmed around my legs! They weren’t biting me, but they would bump into me, brush against me, and sort of nibble at my legs. It was kind of scary, but a good experience at the same time. Matthew’s version of saving me from the killer fish was through taking pictures and videos. =)

Watch for the flounder.

Pelican diving for fish.

Doesn't it look prehistoric?

Today I saw TWO types of jelly fish for the first time!

This is the first one, and we don’t have a picture of the second one, but it was translucent and shorter than the length of my index finger. (Matthew adds: Since the jellyfish was translucent, the camera couldn't focus on it properly - this is all we have. *sigh*)

After snorkeling we headed into town for lunch.

Again, VERY good! This time we got an appetizer and took home leftovers to have for supper.

The dish closest to you is called Gnocchi alla Gorgonzola. It was an experiment for Matthew and I, but it turned out to be a very good one!

That evening around 8pm we went over to the east end of the beach where Matthew got two beach chairs for us to sit on. The edges of the long chairs were just at the point where the waves broke. There we waited until 9pm and saw the fireworks from St. John.

They were not very big from where we could see them, but it was a unique and memorable way to spend our first Fourth of July together. The fireworks themselves were pretty impressive and we enjoyed the show.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Wednesday & Thursday- St. Thomas Relaxing

Wednesday we relaxed and snorkeled!

A rare underwater picture of Beth-Anne.

These guys would move with the current of the waves and go from coral area to coral area and feed on it.

A very cool sea-something-or-other. It would slip back inside it's hole if we got too close.

Can you see it?

This little guy is very colorful and active! Matthew had to hunt him for awhile to get this.

In the evening Matthew snorkeled and I sat on the beach. It’s really very relaxing. Speaking of which, that is what I am doing now. Only it is not the evening but just after 4pm. He is snorkeling, and probably disturbing many fish and crabs as he hunts them with his camera lens. But I get to enjoy relaxing here, and the pictures later! It’s a good life. Kind of makes me feel like the idle rich. =)

Here is another beautiful sunset at Sapphire Beach.

Thursday was our day to go out to eat and have some time to shop/look around the town of Red Hook. Finally we have figured out the taxi system (sort of) and got a cheaper ride into town. We have mostly been walking because it isn’t the far, and to taxi in is $8! So that’s $16.00 a trip! We decided walking was worth it, but on Thursday we caught a safari (another type of taxi) and got into town for $2.00. That’s what we’re talking about!

Here are a few of the lizards that live around the area. These are sizeable larger than the ones that grace our deck, but they are there none-the-less.

We had lunch at the East End Café and it was really good! We had thought about trying another restaurant on Friday, but after eating here (and seeing their prices) we decided to come back on Friday. We ended up walking back to the resort (no safaris in sight) and were ready for water after that!

Now the food may not look very good here, but I assure you that it was very good.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Tuesday to St. John

Tuesday was our last big adventure day and we traveled to St. John. Similar to our trip to Jost Van Dyke we rented a dinghy. This one was yellow and from a company called “Noah’s Little Arks”. We went to the North and west side of St. John which is all National Parks.

Skipper White again (I did drive the other dinghy for a very short while, but thought I should leave the driving to expert White).

This is Trunk Bay =)

Before we went to Trunk Bay we tried to stop at Cinnamon Bay, but were told we couldn’t tie our dinghy up there. But…all of that was worth it because on the way in we saw a sea turtle! Matthew spotted it and I tried to take a picture, but couldn’t get the camera out fast enough. It was a pretty good sized sea turtle. It had its shell and head part way out of the water. I really had wanted to see one so I was really happy!

We snorkeled at Trunk Bay for a good while. It was interesting because it was a National Park, and underwater they had these signs that explained the underwater world. Something similar to zoo signs. I thought it was kind of funny, but cool.

This is the beginning of them.

This is Matthew by one.

This is a funny sign that was posted

There was tons of sea fans and coral with fish everywhere! I’ve never really snorkeled so all this is somewhat new to me. Matthew gave me his snorkel since we left Kerensa because I don’t have one and at Kerensa they had one I could use. So as we snorkeled in Trunk Bay I had fins and a snorkel with my mask, and Matthew only had a mask. He decided to forego fins because they were rubbing his feet wrong and hurting. I say all this to tell you that it was I who was tired first, not him. Matthew and the fish are meant to be.

We left Trunk Bay and headed to what we think is Honeymoon Beach. We got a little confused by which beach was which, but in the end we think it was Honeymoon Beach.

Chillin' at Honeymoon Beach.

This is a picture from Honeymoon Beach of our resort at St. Thomas—see the red roofs?

(Yes, there is a fully clothed person behind that, but we thought it would be a funny picture)

We did some more relaxing here and then headed by to Cruz Bay where the ferry would meet us. First though we went to do some shopping around, Matthew got a hacky sack and we got a mango smoothly to share. Fresh fruit from the islands can’t be beat.

Back at the resort we walked around later in the evening to see more of the area. Then we went back inside to have some ice cream! We got it at the Marina Market (where we bought all of our groceries) and it was the same price for a quart of yummy strawberry ice cream as ONE scoop at the local ice cream place. I think we got the better deal.

And so concludes our day at St. John.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Monday at St. Thomas

This is our new home at Sapphire Beach Resort. The resort is the red roofed buildings. We are in B207.

Monday at Sapphire Beach Resort we adjusted to our new surroundings and snorkeled! There is pretty good snorkeling around the resort and it’s nice to have a beach about 40-50 yards away.

These are Christmas Tree Worms (or something like that). I thought they were pretty =)

More underwater pictures to come.

The happy couple and Matthew in his very cool orange Baths t-shirt.

Last Weekend in Tortola

Friday we returned our trusty car and headed into town to do some shopping. After shopping around we stopped in at the Road Town Bakery and got a little treat! It was some type of fruit tart and just amazing! I could eat one every meal. It was fresh fruit, nice pastry and a sweet cream filling. Mmmmmmmmm.

(Our license plate)

This is a picture of a rooster. There are chickens and roosters everywhere in Tortola. I wanted Matthew to take a picture for memory sake. =)

We took a taxi home, and decided to really soak up our last two days at Kerensa.

Saturday we were once again we were blessed with another beautiful sunset.

This plumeria tree was in our yard and Matthew took this picture just before we left on Sunday morning.

And with that, ends our posts from Tortola. As you can see, it was an amazing first week.