Friday, December 12, 2008

Busy Past Weekend Events

We have been really busy this term. With fun things and mundane things. We want to share some of the fun things that have been keeping us busy.

November 22nd one of the English students was baptized. It was a beautiful decision and commitment on her behalf. Her name is Joanne. Please keep her in your prayers. That evening we had a special dinner at Pastor Choi’s, our director, house. Pastor Choi’s wife made the food, and it was hands down the best Korean food I’ve had here. It was amazing. I wish I could learn to cook like that!

After we ate, we made some of those present sing. Wilma (the Chinese teacher) sang a song by herself first, but then Pastor Ryu wanted to sing it with her. This is them singing a children’s song.

We have the best group! hehe... I think the song has something to do with a pig, but I'm not sure.

November 29th we went to an acappella performance. One of our AY members is part of an acappella group and they were performing in Seoul. I’m not sure if he’s part of an acappella academy, but the place we went was an acappella academy and a bunch a groups came and each sang two song. Most of the songs were in English! So that was good for us foreigners. =)

This is a sample of one of the groups. Enjoy!

Wilma gave us a tangerine!

After the concert we went out to eat at a Western restaurant (spaghetti) and walked around downtown for a while.

The next weekend we had a homecoming (alumni-type) weekend for the former teachers and All-Day Club members. In the afternoon we played different Bible games. Matthew was in charge of charades and I had a “Cut-Paste-Memorize” game. Cut the memory verse out of newspapers. Paste in on a sheet of paper. Memorize and recite it to me! It was fun.

Cut...or reading?


Memorize and recite!

Afterwards we had dinner…and then we did something very exciting… we went bowling! Not everyone came. It was actually a pretty small group but it was still great. This was the first time we’d been bowling, but we’d seen the place numerous times. Happily there were shoes that fit us and it was a non-smoking building.

As you can see, the only males were Edward and Matthew with a bunch of crazy girls. =)

It’s been freezing here at times. One Sabbath we woke up and our computer said it was 9 degrees outside. It may be off, but there was no doubt about it being very, VERY cold outside.

This is us walking from the bank to E-Mart. It’s cheaper to walk (obviously) and not that far, so we usually walk instead of taking the bus. Sometimes the exposed parts of our faces become very red, and then our students will make sure that we notice it. “Teacher! Your face!” You learn that humility is a good characteristic to have. =)

Christmas Cookie Party

Christmas is on the way and so we thought it would be fun to have a mini-Christmas party here at our apartment.

So we invited our teachers and the All-Day Club members over to make and decorate sugar cookies. I (Beth-Anne) remember doing this with my elementary school friends at my grandparents house in New Jersey. After hosting this even myself I admire my mother even more for doing all that work for us!

Most of the ingredients were easy to get, but the icing for the cookies provided the most difficulty. First of all I could not find any food coloring or sprinkles. So my loving father was kind enough to mail those to me, along with other yummy cookies baking necessities! I then was told where to buy powdered sugar and was finally all set.

To say we had a blast doesn't begin to describe the afternoon! Most Korean's do not own stoves so most of them have never made anything that has to be baked. I made the dough ahead of time and then let them roll it out and cut out the shapes.

(From bottom left around clockwise: Edward, Judy, Joanne, Villa, John, and Cindy)

(From bottom left around clockwise: Francis, Brian, Wilma, Cleopatra, Ruth, and Jane)

While I baked the cookies, Matthew played Christmas pictionary with them. Guys against girls. The guys were destined to lose but they were good sports. Then it was time to decorate the cookies!

Take a close look at the snow man. Green guy with red scarf. Those little dots are from the sprinkles, as well as the eyes and mouth! Some were very artistic...and others (note plate on the right) were not so artistic....

The cookies decorated by the party!

We are extremely blessed to be in Incheon with a wonderful set of staff and students. We love them all!

After everyone left Matthew and I had some decorating to do. About five of those who came had to leave early so we were to decorate cookies for them and then deliver them. Here's a speedy view of that process.

Matthew's last cookie. Isn't it great?!

....Wish you were here...

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