Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why I care for orphans (#showhopebloggers)

I am sitting here next to my son.  Watching him roll back to front and front to back.  His little fingers are exploring the textures of his play mat, the rug, the hardwood floor, and wooden chest nearby.  He lays on his stomach and smacks his feet against the ground.  The feeling of hard against his soft skin is a new sensation and he strives to crawl.  This child, born of my body and heart, takes up all my day.  Even when he sleeps my heart is in there with him.

Show Hope has asked me, as one of their bloggers, to answer the question: why do you care for orphans?

I care for orphans because as I love my son I think, doesn't everyone deserve to be loved like this?

I care for orphans because I cannot stand to think of a child alone.  Without some to love them unconditionally.

And some children are adopted as infants.  While others are teenagers.  But why I care is because everyone deserves to have someone love them the way I love my son.  To watch their growth and development with wonder and awe.  To cuddle them when they are hurting or just for fun.

I care for orphans because my heart hurts to think of them alone.

If my son was an orphan, I would want someone to love him as I love him.

So I care for orphans because they deserve to have love take them in.