Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Changing Seasons

By: Matthew

Nostalgia moves in
Like a cold front in

Memories drift past
Like leaves sweep away

What was moves out
Like warmth moves on

But seasons must go
And new stories settle in

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gardening Love

Yesterday we went to see a dear friend of ours, Caitlin.

She showed us her garden and we took down tips for ours that we hope to plant this summer. (Caitlin, we will be borrowing your help this coming summer for our garden!)

But more than just her gardening tips, we took heart notes on love and serenity in Jesus' arms.  Caitlin's peace in Jesus was in the gentle kindness she always shows.  To be with Caitlin is to feel God's love.

We spent part of the evening discussing favorite children's books, and even reading one by Patricia Polacco called An Orange for Frankie.  My favorite picture was the one that showed the gift of selflessness--and love in a family.

And it made me think about two other books.  Books about gardening.  And about love.

 In both books, the things that are planted are more than just the item itself.  It is love and selflessness that defines the things planted.  And what is planted is given and shared with others to make the world a more beautiful place.

When I think of Caitlin, I think that she too, is gardening love.  She is planting and growing God's love and is living and giving it out every single moment.

We are blessed to call her friend, and pray that we will learn not only how to cultivate a vegetable garden, but more importantly a garden of love, as she is.  

We love you Caitlin.  Thank you for the blessing you are to us, and for always being an example of His love.