Sunday, September 13, 2009

Videos from Everyday Life

If you can't see the videos try reloading your screen.

This is just one random day where Matthew was going to cook me breakfast and we found out that our eggs had become frozen by our frig.

Our last week we were giving things away to people (whether they wanted them or not!) and here we are off to give Ruth and Cleo some stuff. We're just a bit silly.... ^_^

Sorry that this video isn't longer, but this is Jemulpo Shopping where we did most of our shopping. See all the Ramen noodles?

This is Jemulpo Station, which is across the street from Jemulpo Shopping. Imagine that!

This video is a tour of our apartment on our last night, as we cleaned up. It's a little over 5 minutes, but if you want to see how our apartment was, then you can enjoy. If not, that's okay too. =)

Saying goodbye and packing are exhausting.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Misc Everyday Things

Our last days in Korea were getting warmer and it was nice to see different splashes of color amidst cement. These rose bushes were my favorite though.

This is the stairwell at Cleo and Ruth's apartment. The picture doesn't do it justice but it's about 1 inch from Matthew's head to the ceiling. He really had to watch his head when we went there.

One of the many driving sales people. They had speakers that blasted what they were selling. Only problem is if you don't speak Korean. It is a kind of useful though if you knew what it was and they were driving around.

This is Jemulpo Station. It was only a short walk from the school or our apartment to the station. It was really convenient for many reasons. It helped when we'd get lost and just say the name of our station to someone or a taxi driver. We always knew if we could just get here we'd be okay.

Across from Jemulpo Station was Jemulpo Shopping. We did most of our shopping here, E-Mart and two produce stands. This was the dried seafood section. Notice Matthew's face for our feeling on the yummy-ness of this food.

This is our wonderful fruit lady. She's the one who came and brought me the fruit and flowers at the hospital. We went to say goodbye to her and brought her some gifts. We all shed tears and "I love you"s. It is amazing how we barely exchanged any words but somehow we exchanged hearts.

This is just a sample of a very common (and annoying) occurrence. This little "junk mail" ads would be hanging on our door, or magnetized to our door. Usually they were all meat ads but this one had a pie looking thing with fruit.

I took this picture on one of our last days of moving. This is how they move from their apartments and it was interesting to have them moving and realize that soon I'd be moving out from my apartment as well.

One of our last days was a crazy rush to try and get to the bank and settle sending money and closing our accounts and so we got pizza for our lunch to be quick. This was our cheap pizza. It tastes different than ours. I think it's the sauce, but I actually think I enjoyed it by the end of our time in Korea.

It was the quick bake kind of pizza but it was cheap and quick, so it worked for us.

This is our beloved Korean Exchange Bank (KEB). They were really great and always seemed to be on top of things and know how to deal with foreigners and their accounts. It made it a lot easier for dealing with bank things.

I just had to take at least one picture of the heels in Korea. I wish I had a while string of them to show you but I guess this is enough. The girls wear them All The Time. I don't know how they do it. They are high and look painful but they do it.

This is the Incheon City mascot. A bunny? An alien? You pick.

Even on the last days we had to wear our masks to keep us from the yellow dust but in the mornings we still woke up with sore throats and stuffy noses. We were ready for clean air if nothing else!

I know this was a random mix of things but I just wanted to put them up and they were things from our everyday life other than school. I hope you enjoyed it.
(Videos from Everyday Things to be posted later)