Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Craziness

(A blog of Matthew)

Wow! Life is something else. We come back from Korea (2 years ago now) and expect life to calm down. In certain ways it has, in other ways it has not. What is the solution to this? Read on....

This is not a comprehensive update, but a basic update on the status of our summer.

So far this summer, we have joined friends in the Carolina campmeeting, backpacked with family in Mount Rogers (and made extensive plans for future backpacking trips which will most likely be altered and re-altered many times over), borrowed a friend to fix massive backdoor damage (thanks, John!), had family visit us in Cookeville, visited family in Knoxville, visited family in New Market (for a night), and visited family in Hamburg. Oh, and in the midst of it all we traveled with friends to Key Largo. The diving was surprisingly good. The tennis, even better (if possible).

So, what's next? With the summer about halfway over we have 3 weeks of summer classes (we are less than thrilled about this), 1 week with family, and 1 week of preparations for school, then school begins again.

As life speeds on and on, we seek to slow and slow down. In the midst of summer craziness we have again discovered the final solution to the ever-increasing cycle of life....Jesus' soon return! May the Lord find us faithful in all He asks of us. And give us the peace of the Spirit.